Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunsilk Keratinology Heat protector Hairspray - Review

As already i written about the Sunsilk Keratinology range in previous post,I'm directly going to review the heat protector Spray here :) If you want to know about Keratinology range Shampoo and Conditioner please check  here.

What Sunsilk claim about Heat protector spray?
 Advanced Reconstruction Program Heat Protector Spray features an advanced heat protection formula with UV filters to protect heat-styled hair for a frizz-free, professional look.Protects every millimeter of hair during styling, for truly professional salon beauty for longer.
Price:  INR 400 for 180 ml.

Direction for useUse daily to protect against damage caused by heat styling. Apply to dry or damp hair before heat styling. For optimum results use the Complete Advanced Reconstruction Program.

My experience:

I love it.Yes..You heard it,I simply love it. :p

 As all of you know, heat protector spray, we have to apply liberally.Otherwise no use in applying it.

What i loved most about this hair spray it never made my hair greasy,how much i applied.You can see in above pic  it is more like water.

It given my hair shine as well as prevented it from  frizz.
While blow drying it did formed a protective coating on my hair and protected my hair as no dried feeling or flyaways after that. As an additional bonus it claims of UV protection also. :)

And last but not least nice fragrance :)

Pros :
a) Very light in texture and doesn't make hair greasy :)
b) Gives hair a nice shine
c) Gives adequate heat protection 
d) Claims UV protection also
e) Eliminates Frizz and makes hair smooth.
f) Nice fragrance
g) Pocket friendly

a) Silicone content.

So if you want to buy a decent Heat Protectant spray without burning a hole in pocket,go for this one.

PS: Eventhough all this i don't believe any heat protectant spray will give complete protection from heat damage.But it will reduce the damage up to an extend.

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