Saturday, January 28, 2012

Inglot - Brow Powder and Wax- Review and swatch

A brow kit is in my wishlist long back. I got only very few option like Sleek Brow kit,The Body shop brow kit etc.Sleek products combined with shipping is too expensive for me. Also most of the  orders from abroad never reached my hand.I hate customs,really :((. TBS don't have show room here.So what i done is,just envied people who have great eyebrows or got hold of eyebrow kits :p

I checked Inglot website but didn't find a brow kit. But in Freedom system of Inglot i found Brow wax and Brow powder being sold separately. Also 20% off sale is going on Inglot Products at Shop at Major Brands. Even then i was skeptical as i didn't find review on any sites and had no idea about about colors.Anyways i ordered the shades 571 for Brow wax and 560 for Brow Powder.

Brow Powder
Brow Wax
Price : INR 300 for1.3 gm Brow wax
           INR 300 for 1.8 gm Brow powder.
            After discount,i got each for 240 INR.

My experience:

Brow wax
Brow Powder

The couple pic :)

As you can see color is different from that shown on site. So don't trust entirely, the pic shown in site.
I didn't want a harsh look.So i opted for brown even though different shades are available.

 No directions are given, so i assumed have to fill the powder in gaps and coat with wax for finishing look.

Application is easy if you have a spare angled brush and eyebrow comb.

Brow wax  is translucent and not opaque. So it is the powder which is going to determine your brow color. Wax helps to hold the powder as well as your stray eyebrow hairs in shape.

Now see my eyebrows before grooming with wax and powder.

After grooming

Upto 5-6 hours wax will hold your eyebrows unless you wipe it away.

I can't compare it with other brands as i haven't used any other.
Overall i am happy with Inglot eyebrow powder and Wax.

So what you people think?

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  1. I too want to try these from inglot..will def check out in their next sale :)

  2. I've tried many browpowders from different brand (including mac and benefit) and in the end inglot brow powders are my favorite, i use it with a mac 108. Perfect combination ever!<3


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