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MABH-Pradiso -The style store Giveaway


MABH and Paradiso-The Style store together is conducting a giveaway. The winner gets to select her own choice of prize from the store ..Yay!! Their collections are truly awesome guys.Rules are very simple to participate in this giveaway.Please check out.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Body Shop - Upto 60 % Sale Alert


Again another sale alert. This  time it is "The Body Shop" offering up to 60 % off.Special 5% off to Members.

Hope this helps you :)

Take care

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Jen of the Butterfly Effects tagged me to do this. Thanks Jen for tagging me and making me do this. :D
Especially the question asking part :p

Her posts are something i make sure, never to miss. Guys do check her blog.You will love it :)

Firstly,The Rules.

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.

Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.

Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.

Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

11 things about me
This is the part i'm going to think a lot!! :-p

1) I am a true Gemini with all its positive and negative traits.
2) I love reading . I have told this before  itself,give  me something to read,you will never get any trouble from me till i finish that ;-)
3) I am a vivacious girl most time !!( Though can be moody at time s :-( )
4) I am super lazy person ( this is the only comment given by my husband,when i asked him to tell about me ;-)  )
5)  I want to have a pet dog and name him Hachiko :-p
6) I love travelling  and my dream is to have Europe Trip some day. 
7)  I want to take some time off and volunteer for Recross some time in future .
8) I am a total foodie who likes to try different   and varied kind of cuisines. But when it comes to soup i'll end only on sweet corn soup.
9) I love antique ornaments lot.
10 ) I believe in celebrating days in life and 
11)  I never prejudice people.

Now comes the killer questions by Jen

1) What do you like most about yourself?
      I am easily forgiving 

2) The best day of your life :) 
       I believe my best day is yet come ;-)

3) How would you equate life ? 
For me, Life = 1/4 Love + 1/4 happy + 1/4 Satisfaction + 1/4 money.

4)Who is that one person you think is the reason for what you are today? And why? 
       God. Of course my parents and my husband there.But i believe God is the main reason for what i am today.

5) From where/how do you think jealousy stems from?
     When one feels inferior ? ;-)? 

6)What makes YOU jealous of someone? (Not to worry,we're humans ; there's no such thing as I-am-never-jealous-about-anyone! :) 
When see some one who knows how to drape saree beautifully .I am still struggling to master that art.  :-p

7) If you were given a second chance to alter your current living life ,how different would that be from what/how you are living now? And why?
  If i get a second chance, i would like to complete whatever i left incomplete in my life. (Now what is that? ;-)  )

8) That one celebrity/person you would want to be, given the chance.Which one would that be?
     Jennifer Katherine?? ..no...wait i don't know :-p. I guess i don't want to be a celebrity especially after attending this interview kinda questions ;-)

9) Red or Yellow roses?
      Ofcourse Red.

10 ) Treasure hunt :The longest route to the treasure box or the one that is shortest but dangerous?You are provided with NO map.And no instruction is given that you'd require a gun to shoot down that savage lion.
Longest route. I am not much of a competitor !! :-p

11)If you were awarded 1million US$ for being ALONE for two years on a strange island ,No connection with people via any means but given all the food supply and water for 5 whole years.You are completely cut off from the world .No nearby countries. You are dropped by a charted flight. Would you take up the offer? Yes/No? Why?
Oh..Yes i will take. I  love friends,family all. But often i loves being alone also and i do love to explore strange places. So if this is the award money two years, i can be in  that strange island. ;-)

Here comes my questions :-p

  1. What you prefer - White or black and why? (Must not tell both ;-) )
  2.  Which field  or job you think you will shine most?
  3.  Paper backs or e books?
  4.  An ideal vacation will be in beach or hill station?
  5.  If there was  past life,who you think you  had been? 
  6.   Favorite hero? (either in life or movies ;-)  )
  7.  Best romantic incident in your life till this date? 
  8.  Most embarrassing  or funny situation in your life ,till this date  :D
  9.  If given a chance which character out of which movie or book  you wants to be?
  10. How you define Love and Hate?                 
  11. Final question -You have to go out for an important date. You can use only one make up  product.What you will you use? :-p
Now i am going to select the lucky 11 to answer these questions ;-)
1 Namita of Vivacious  Flair
2) Krupa of All about Ladies
3) Vertika of Vivacious Blog
4) Divya of Miss Enchanted
8) CC of Coral Crue
9) Shaini Dhillon of Be Beutilicious
11Shruti of Deals and Steals

These are some of the bloggers i like and admires, do visit them also to know what is the reason :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

L'occitane Solid Perfume - Fleur Cherie - Review

 In the review of L'occitane Solid Perfume- Green Tea- The Vert i have written how convenient the solid perfume is.Please check here if you want to see.
Some more facts about Solid Perfume - In Solid perfume there is no alcohol content which makes it suitable for people with  sensitive skin also. The composition is  8% concentration of the extract in beeswax and Paraffin base.

Now i am going to review another variant- L'occitane Solid Perfume- Fleur Cherie

It is a love at first site.Who can resist this cute heart shaped container ?This was introduced as their valentine edition. It really looks like a best gift a boy can give to his sweet heart na?

What is the product description by L'occitane?
The Fleur Chérie scent is available as solid perfume, held in a heart-shaped case. The perfect gift for our beloved ones.
All the scented magic of orange blossom in a festive heart shaped solid perfume, for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day.
Dissolve on the skin, Delicately perfumes with a precious and delicate fragrance."

 Direction to use : Apply on pulse points(neck,bust and wrist).
Price : INR 600 for 10 ml. (I got it for 420  on sales)

My experience :

Texture ,color everything same as the Green Tea variant. Compared to Green Tea perfume by L'occitane  this one have a very mild smell.It is a sexy feminine kinda smell.But it is very mild and staying power is like umm..half hour?..yaa..you heard it right,it terribly fails in staying power department.

So i guess other than the cute container it is better to opt green tea variant compared to this one.

I am planning to get Fleur Cherie Shower gel or body lotion or both and then this will stay more time i hope. (I guess i would have posted this before Valentines day ;)

And so boys if planning to gift girl friends this perfume don't forget to gift them Fleur Cherie Shower gel and body lotion also.

And hopes you all had a wonderful Valentines day:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Patanjali Soundarya Facewash - Review

From last 2 years i'm using Neutrogena Gentle Facewash which suits my combination skin perfectly. But the bottle is not travel friendly . Also i got bored of using the same face wash. I tried Lakme Strawberry variant face wash while travelling,which made my skin dry.  Most of the Patanjali products haven't failed me. So during my last visit to Patanjali, i decided to give Patanjali Soundarya facewash a try.Read along to know how it turned out.

Product Description :
Soundarya Facewash made from the natural extract of Orange Peel,Neem,Tulsi and Aloevera which cleanse gently,nourish and revitalize the complexion to make skin look fresh,smooth and beautiful.
Suitable for all types of skin.

Ingredients :
Composition Each 10 gm contains :
Orange peel :5mg
Neem :0.5 mg
Tulsi :0.5 mg
Aloevera : 0.5 mg
Base materials : Aqua,Gelbase,Glycerin,Honey,Perfume,Sodium chloride,Diazolydinyl Urea,Iodo Propyl Butyl Carbamate,Vitamin E Acetate PEG-14M,permitted color - Q.S.
Directions to use : Apply on wet face. Massage gently for 1 minute with water and wash with water.
Shelf life : Best before 18 months from the date of manufacturing date.
Price: For 60 ml  INR 60.
My experience
Packaging : It comes in  tube form with very sturdy flip cap which makes it travel friendly.Nothing fancy about the package.

Texture is creamy as you can see.Require only peas size amount as it foams well. (See the quantity i use for whole face)

It cleanses well and removed dirt and oil completely from face.But never caused drying and infact kept face smooth and supple. But not well enough for one to skip moisturiser . I doubt any face wash will give that moisturisation.

As you have noticed there is no SLS or Paraben in this product. But on little googling i found out Diazolydinyl Urea is almost harmful as SLS.But i guess if you want thorough cleaning there should be some ingredient like this.

Fragrance : It have a very mild orange fragrance which is not not going to hurt even sensitive noses.

What i like?
a) Creamy texture
b) Doesn't dry out skin
c) Contains some wonderful ingredients.
d) Very little quantity required for each use.
e) Cleanse thoroughly
f) Mild smell.
g) Travel friendly.
h) Budget buy.

What i don't like?
a) Presence of  Diazolydinyl Urea? Well can't complain about it as a foaming and preservative agent should be present in these products.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lush Chilli Tingle Vegan Lip Tint - Swatch and Review and a Glossy box giveaway by Krupa

Chilly Tingle - It is the name which prompted me to buy it
 I haven't been sure that i can carry orange color on lips. I thought if i don't like,i can gift to some one.I know lot of people who really likes orange lippie.Are you one of them them?

What Lush telling about the Chilli Tingle?
Hoja Santa – over here, mate.  Got anything in that sack to moisturise lips and give them a lovely orange red tint?
Chilli Tingle is the answer. Inspired by a trip that Alecommy, our Italian colleague, took to Mexico. We loved the ingredients he brought back so much, we put them all in here. First there was some lovely dried chillies, which we thought would be great for stimulating the lips and waking up the blood supply in winter. Then there’s hoja santa – an aromatic herb known as ‘sacred leaf’. He also brought back annatto seeds, which have such a strong natural red colour in their seeds that the bush is known as the Lipstick Tree.
We then asked Jemma at our R&D labs to make a lovely blend of colours to compliment the annatto, and she came up with this beautiful orange red blend.
All that was left for us to do was make a lovely moisturising base of jojoba oil and our chocolate-smelling fair trade cocoa butter. Then add some candelillia wax and japan wax to seal the lips and give a barrier against the winter weather and to hold that lovely colour on the lips.
Perfect! Hot lips for chilly times."
Ingredients :
Organic jojoba oil, organic fair trade cocoa butter, candelilla wax, organic agave nectar, icing sugar, organic ground chilli, dried yerba santa, annato seeds, and titanium dioxide.Colour 73360, Colour 14700, Colour 19140
Price : 570 Rs(In sale i got for 285 Rs)

My experience :
Package : 
It is a small aluminium tub  with screw open lid. Nothing special.It is travel friendly because of the screw open lid.

Texture and Smell:
Texture is waxy which melts easily on hand and almost become liquidy.
But it have a tendency to settle on flaky lips or fine lines.

It smells like.... chilly? :p..i don't know how to describe the smell,i don't love or hate that smell. And smell fades as soon as it is applied.

On my lips,to my relief it is not a neon orange but a beautiful coral color. But there is come cool  undertones and may not be suitable for every one. 

Moistruisation: It is not at all moisturising.You definitely needs a good  lipblam beneath.
Staying Power : Without  eating or drinking it stays  a decent time of 3-4 hour on lips.

I thought there might be some pleasant tingling sensation in lips due to the name,but unfortunately no such tingling sensation.And last but not least definitely it is not chilly flavoured  :p

a) A nice coral color for summer.
b) No chemical ingredients.A vegan product.
c) Well pigmented.
d) Decent staying power.

a) Not much moisturising as the claim.
b) Color might not suit every one.
c) Exfoliated lips required.
d) Expensive for the quantity.

And Guys Krupa of All about Ladies and Glossy box together conducting a Glossy Box give away.Winner will get Glossy Box for March month absolutey free.So please participate in this give away aand follow her wonderful blog for  useful tips as well as trust worthy reviews.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Chocolate Biscuit pudding - Recipe

As some of you have already noticed  i lost all your precious comments from my blog except the last post. It happened when i reinstalled Intense Debate comment system. (Though before itself i was warned about it,I had been a fool to do so). So please don't repeat this mistake in your blog's guys.

Well coming to topic,this is another 5 minutes recipe . I found this recipe on Nestle Milkmaid site. I made very slight change in that recipe and here it is. 


Milk maid
Milk - 1/2 cup
Sugar- 2 tbsp
Marie Biscuits - 1 packet (You can use some other plain biscuits also)
Instant coffee powder
Coco Powder - 3 tbsp

(I haven't given quantities,because each one's sweet tooth differs)

We can make this in 3 steps :
a) First can make coffee as usual.
Boil water.Add sugar and instant coffee powder.Then milk.

b)Making Chocolate butter paste.
Mix Milkmaid,coffee powder,butter and Cocoa powder together.(Coffee powder should be 1/3rd of cocoa powder)

c) Now while the coffee is warm itself,dip one biscuit and arrange it in a tray or in a individual cup.
Spread Milkmaid over it.Now  dip another biscuit in coffee and lay over the first.Spread chocolate butter paste over it. Now apply Milkmaid on next coffee dipped biscuit.Next biscuit should be coated with chocolate butter paste.Continue the process.

Now chill it in fridge,cut and serve.You can decorate them with whipped cream or nuts.

Believe me,this taste and smells wonderful due to the presence of Coffee powder,Milkmaid and Butter.

It is so simple na?..Try and tell me how it had been :)

Take care

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Naturalmantra.com - My experience and offer coupon code

Eventhough first many viewed online shopping with raised eyebrows now it became common and some of us are even addicted to it. Isn't so ? :)

Swati Murti of  Perfect Skin Care For You done a post on the online shopping site Natural Mantra.com . Thank you Swati for introducing me to Natural Mantra.com :).You can read her review here.Anyways i'm impressed by the idea of a site selling natural and organic products only.Secondly i wanted to taste Tahini fast :P

The site offers a wide variety of natural and organic products under sections,Bath and Body,Baby and Kids, Food and Nutrition,Eco fashion,Healthy Home and Gifts.You can even find natural sunscreen, sun block,hair color etc. Also there is wide range of healthy snacks,organic jams and other spreads,even organic curry powders and papads. It is arefreshing to use the products without any preservatives.

As first time, i didn't want order lot.I ordered Ecofarm's Organic Sesame Butter (Tahini) and Soul flower Essential oil. 

And the best part is customer service.I made my order.But as usual my net connection screwed up while making payment. Then the CEO and founder of Naural Mantra,MR.Nishant Nayak himself called me to know if there is any problem. He is very pleasant man to talk and he told me even COD option is available,if i want. But as mostly watchman collects all courier in our apartment i didnt want to go for COD. And he even offered his personal number in case there is any difficulty When net connection became proper,i ordered. After 2 days the courier is dispatched via Aramex. In their site itself they display status of courier and it is very convenient. Please click the image to see it enlarged.

As you can see i received the courier on 1st February .All products are dispatched in a card board box .It is securely padded  with newspapers inside and bottles specially with bubble wraps. Everything had been intact and proper condition.And again Mr.Nishant called me to make sure i got everything in proper condition. I am really touched by this fact.

These are the things i bought.

And that small candle tea light i got as compliment along with the purchase. It is made of 100 % Bee Wax.I really love the smell of it.

And see this hand written note on hand made paper,how thoughtful it is

One thing i didn't like is the shipping cost.For the purchase above 1000 INR shipping charge is free and those under 1000 INR shipping cost is flat 50 INR.I think they should try to reduce the minimum criteria for free shipping. When i talked this to them,he informed me they are trying to reduce the criteria,but being a new site now little difficult. And as being organic products price are more.But also always some offers are going on this site to help the customers.

Current offer is  for every order size of Rs.500 or more, 250 Rs off.That is about 50 % off.
Use the coupon code VALENTINE250 to avail this offer.

Overall i liked this site and products they are offering.

a) Wide variety of organic and natural products.
b) Not only beauty care products, food products and other eco friendly gifts you can find here.
c) Awesome customer service..
d) Always some offer going on.
e)Love the personal touch they giving to each order.

a) Minimum purchase for free shipping is of 1000 INR.
b) On COD option you have to pay 30 INR etc.
c)Being organic products expensive compared to similiar products.

Do give their webiste a visit  if you like preservative free natural and organic products .

Check here for website and here for their facebook page

Disclaimer : I am not paid or given any other form of remuneration to do this review

Thursday, February 2, 2012

MABH - Glossybox Giveaway

Lancy of Makeup and Beauty tips-Home is conducting a giveaway in association with Glossybox.

What they offering for winner is first- First Glossy Box of March.So if you want to try the Glossy Box first then only ordering it,this is a perfect opportunity. I am going to make use of this opportunity.What about you guys?

Not only the give away, by subscribing to her blog everyone can know lot of simple homemade recipes for benefit of your beauty as well as health.So guys do participate in this give away and follow her blog.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunsilk Keratinology Heat protector Hairspray - Review

As already i written about the Sunsilk Keratinology range in previous post,I'm directly going to review the heat protector Spray here :) If you want to know about Keratinology range Shampoo and Conditioner please check  here.

What Sunsilk claim about Heat protector spray?
 Advanced Reconstruction Program Heat Protector Spray features an advanced heat protection formula with UV filters to protect heat-styled hair for a frizz-free, professional look.Protects every millimeter of hair during styling, for truly professional salon beauty for longer.
Price:  INR 400 for 180 ml.

Direction for useUse daily to protect against damage caused by heat styling. Apply to dry or damp hair before heat styling. For optimum results use the Complete Advanced Reconstruction Program.

My experience:

I love it.Yes..You heard it,I simply love it. :p

 As all of you know, heat protector spray, we have to apply liberally.Otherwise no use in applying it.

What i loved most about this hair spray it never made my hair greasy,how much i applied.You can see in above pic  it is more like water.

It given my hair shine as well as prevented it from  frizz.
While blow drying it did formed a protective coating on my hair and protected my hair as no dried feeling or flyaways after that. As an additional bonus it claims of UV protection also. :)

And last but not least nice fragrance :)

Pros :
a) Very light in texture and doesn't make hair greasy :)
b) Gives hair a nice shine
c) Gives adequate heat protection 
d) Claims UV protection also
e) Eliminates Frizz and makes hair smooth.
f) Nice fragrance
g) Pocket friendly

a) Silicone content.

So if you want to buy a decent Heat Protectant spray without burning a hole in pocket,go for this one.

PS: Eventhough all this i don't believe any heat protectant spray will give complete protection from heat damage.But it will reduce the damage up to an extend.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunsilk Keratinology Shampoo and Conditioner - Review

 Remember the 10 days break i taken?In between that somewhere i read,Sunsilk launched it's first ever advanced premium hair care range, Keratinology range in India in presence of lot of celebrities including Malaika Arora Khan. I couldn't help but posting her pic from the event. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

Under Keratinology there are 2 ranges - Advanced Reconstruction Program and Sun Kissed Colour Therapy

Advanced Reconstrucction Program claims to  to recover up to one year of accumulated hair damage in just 5 days and Sun kissed Colour Therapy claims it protects colored hair and luminous coolred hair is retained longer.

Anyways next day in super market these pretty sleek bottles caught my attention.  Despite the SA's words showing some annonymous brand bottle" Madaam,take this. This is very good,Why you use chemicals only ?You won't use herbal?"" i succeeded in getting Shampoo,Conditioner and heat protector spray from Advanced reconstruction Program.

Advanced Reconstruction Program Range :

Advanced Reconstruction program consists of 5 products : 
a) Detoxifying Shampoo : Gently removes residues and impurities from hair, ensuring complete cleansing, while preparing hair for full reconstruction.
b)Express Teatment Conditioner :Penetrates the hair, gently repairing the damage; the deep softening action leaves hair healthy and smooth.
c)Hair spa Mask :Penetrates through three layers of hair, for deep intensive action; reconstructs and seals cuticles leaving hair healthy and beautiful.
d)Over night Treatment : Recovers up to a month of protein loss in one night.It fills in cracks from damage for salon-like repair
e)Heat protector Spray :Protects every millimeter of hair during styling, for truly professional salon beauty for longer.

As i told before i bought Detoxifying Shampoo,Express Treatment Conditioner and Heat Protector Spray.

Price :
Detoxifying shampoo - 200 INR for 200 ml
Express Treatment Conditioner : 200 INR for 200 ml
Heat protector Spray :400 INR for 180 ml.

What Sunsilk telling about Keratinology?
The shampoo has been formulated with Keratin Micro Technology™ to prolong the look and feel of salon-like hair and to address the damage caused by bleaching, colouring, and heat styling. The shampoo penetrates the hair fibre to help restore and retain moisture loss, while conditioning ingredients help to repair surface damage by sealing cuticles and locking in your colour for longer. The conditioner has been formulated with Keratin Micro Technology™ to prolong the look and feel of salon-like hair and to address the damage caused by bleaching, colouring, and heat styling. The conditioner penetrates the hair fibre to help restore and retain moisture loss, while conditioning ingredients help to repair surface damage by sealing cuticles and locking in your colour for longer.

My experience:

I have very dry fine hair and most of the shampoos cause lot of shedding of hair.Till now Only shampoos who won the race are Fabindia Aloevera Shampoo,Matrix Biolage shampoo,Patanjali Keshkanti Shampoo ,Sunsilk yellow and black variant shampoos.

Now coming to this particular range,loved the sleek packaging and classy look those bottles have.

Detoxifying Shampoo :
Comes with a push-in lid to open which i liked

Texture, Color and smell:

Runny creamy texture.Cream color.Smell is similar to other Sunsilk shampoos,which according to me is a nice nostalgic smell :p

Ingredients :
Water,SLS,Glycol Distearate,Cocamidopropyl Betaine,Dimethiconol,Citric acid,Perfume,Sodium Benzoate,Sodium chloride,,Guar Hydroxy propyl Trimonium Chloride,CarbomerTea-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate,Laureth-23, Phenoxyerhanol,Hydrolized Keratin,Pottassium sorbate,Arginine,TrehaloseAmmonium Carbomate,Ammonium Bicarbonate,GluconoLactone,Serine,Lysine HydroChloride,Methylchloroisothiazolinone,Methylisothiazolinone,Magnesium NitrateMagnesium chloride,Disodium EDTA,DMDM Hydantoin,Caramel.

(Sigh!! i got tired writing down ingredient list.)

It  cleanses well,i can see even henna color traces accumulated over hair fading with 2-3 washes itself. It  imparts shine to hair and made my hair soft.But the problem is while removing all impurities,toxins whatever from my hair it removed my hair also. Yes..it caused lot of shedding.I wanted to love this shampoo so i given more chances,but every time it caused lot of shedding of hair.

Pros :
a) Attractive packaging
b) Reasonable price
c) Cleanses thoroughly
d) Imparts shine
e) Makes hair smooth
f) Nostalgic nice Sunsilk smell.

a) While washing half the hair was lost 

Verdict: This is not the shampoo for me.Might be for someone with healthy hair. So i will  limit using this  once in a month,  as clarifying shampoo.

Express Treatment Conditioner :

I loved the bottle with push-in lid,but both shampoo and conditioner bottles look same except shampoo bottle have flat surface at bottom and conditioner flat surface at top. If you  are  like me, there is a chance you will be confused while bath and end up using shampoo again instead of conditioner ;). Also as usual you'll  place conditioner bottle with bottom down and being slanted edge it'll fall down. ( If you are careful  person even in bath forget  above said things. It is  not applicable to you :D)

Ingredients :
Water,CetearylAlchohol, Glycerin, Dimethiconol, BehentromoniumChloride, Dipropylene Glycol, Perfume, Paraffin, BHT, TeaDodecylBenzeneSulfonate, Poloxamr217, Amodimethicone, Cetrimonium chloride, Trideceth-12, Sodium Benzoate, PEG-180M, Silica,Glutamic Acid, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Phenoxy Ethanol, Pottassium Sorbate, Arginine, Serine, Lysine Hydrochloride, MethylParaben, MethylChloroisothiazolinone, MethylLisothiazolinone, Magnesium Nitrate, Magnesium Chloride,Caramel.

Color,Texture and Smell:

As you can see it is very thick and creamy.Same cream color as shampoo. Same nice pleasant smell of Sunsilk.

This conditioner hydrates hair well and makes it soft and tangle free. And the nice smell lingers in hair throughout the day.But while applying conditioner also shedding of hair followed.

Pros of Express Conditioner:
a) Hydrates hair well.
b) Leaves hair soft and tangle free.
c) Nice smell lingers in hair through out the day.
d) Decently priced.

Cons of Express Conditioner:
a) Leads to heavy hairfall.

So if you are already having heavy hairfall,i won't recommend this shampoo and conditioner to you.Otherwise this is a very good buy  and shampoo is good as a clarifying shampoo.

Review of Heat protector Spray i'll put as a separate review coz now itself this post became bit long.