Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lush Chilli Tingle Vegan Lip Tint - Swatch and Review and a Glossy box giveaway by Krupa

Chilly Tingle - It is the name which prompted me to buy it
 I haven't been sure that i can carry orange color on lips. I thought if i don't like,i can gift to some one.I know lot of people who really likes orange lippie.Are you one of them them?

What Lush telling about the Chilli Tingle?
Hoja Santa – over here, mate.  Got anything in that sack to moisturise lips and give them a lovely orange red tint?
Chilli Tingle is the answer. Inspired by a trip that Alecommy, our Italian colleague, took to Mexico. We loved the ingredients he brought back so much, we put them all in here. First there was some lovely dried chillies, which we thought would be great for stimulating the lips and waking up the blood supply in winter. Then there’s hoja santa – an aromatic herb known as ‘sacred leaf’. He also brought back annatto seeds, which have such a strong natural red colour in their seeds that the bush is known as the Lipstick Tree.
We then asked Jemma at our R&D labs to make a lovely blend of colours to compliment the annatto, and she came up with this beautiful orange red blend.
All that was left for us to do was make a lovely moisturising base of jojoba oil and our chocolate-smelling fair trade cocoa butter. Then add some candelillia wax and japan wax to seal the lips and give a barrier against the winter weather and to hold that lovely colour on the lips.
Perfect! Hot lips for chilly times."
Ingredients :
Organic jojoba oil, organic fair trade cocoa butter, candelilla wax, organic agave nectar, icing sugar, organic ground chilli, dried yerba santa, annato seeds, and titanium dioxide.Colour 73360, Colour 14700, Colour 19140
Price : 570 Rs(In sale i got for 285 Rs)

My experience :
Package : 
It is a small aluminium tub  with screw open lid. Nothing special.It is travel friendly because of the screw open lid.

Texture and Smell:
Texture is waxy which melts easily on hand and almost become liquidy.
But it have a tendency to settle on flaky lips or fine lines.

It smells like.... chilly? :p..i don't know how to describe the smell,i don't love or hate that smell. And smell fades as soon as it is applied.

On my lips,to my relief it is not a neon orange but a beautiful coral color. But there is come cool  undertones and may not be suitable for every one. 

Moistruisation: It is not at all moisturising.You definitely needs a good  lipblam beneath.
Staying Power : Without  eating or drinking it stays  a decent time of 3-4 hour on lips.

I thought there might be some pleasant tingling sensation in lips due to the name,but unfortunately no such tingling sensation.And last but not least definitely it is not chilly flavoured  :p

a) A nice coral color for summer.
b) No chemical ingredients.A vegan product.
c) Well pigmented.
d) Decent staying power.

a) Not much moisturising as the claim.
b) Color might not suit every one.
c) Exfoliated lips required.
d) Expensive for the quantity.

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