Tuesday, February 14, 2012

L'occitane Solid Perfume - Fleur Cherie - Review

 In the review of L'occitane Solid Perfume- Green Tea- The Vert i have written how convenient the solid perfume is.Please check here if you want to see.
Some more facts about Solid Perfume - In Solid perfume there is no alcohol content which makes it suitable for people with  sensitive skin also. The composition is  8% concentration of the extract in beeswax and Paraffin base.

Now i am going to review another variant- L'occitane Solid Perfume- Fleur Cherie

It is a love at first site.Who can resist this cute heart shaped container ?This was introduced as their valentine edition. It really looks like a best gift a boy can give to his sweet heart na?

What is the product description by L'occitane?
The Fleur Chérie scent is available as solid perfume, held in a heart-shaped case. The perfect gift for our beloved ones.
All the scented magic of orange blossom in a festive heart shaped solid perfume, for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day.
Dissolve on the skin, Delicately perfumes with a precious and delicate fragrance."

 Direction to use : Apply on pulse points(neck,bust and wrist).
Price : INR 600 for 10 ml. (I got it for 420  on sales)

My experience :

Texture ,color everything same as the Green Tea variant. Compared to Green Tea perfume by L'occitane  this one have a very mild smell.It is a sexy feminine kinda smell.But it is very mild and staying power is like umm..half hour?..yaa..you heard it right,it terribly fails in staying power department.

So i guess other than the cute container it is better to opt green tea variant compared to this one.

I am planning to get Fleur Cherie Shower gel or body lotion or both and then this will stay more time i hope. (I guess i would have posted this before Valentines day ;)

And so boys if planning to gift girl friends this perfume don't forget to gift them Fleur Cherie Shower gel and body lotion also.

And hopes you all had a wonderful Valentines day:)