Friday, December 23, 2011

Trichup Complete Hair Care Oil

From last 3-4 years I am suffering from heavy hairfall.
Various factors contributed it like hard water,  negligence of hair, eating only junk foods etc.
It became so severe that, I used to think, if I don’t clean house twice a day house floor will be covered in hair.

Once I realized the seriousness, I tried several hair oils, tried many anti hairfall shampoos etc etc. But nothing had been effective. Then as per one friend’s advice,I started using Trichup oil.So far it proved effective in reducing hair fall for me

Price : 150 INR for 200 ml.
              84 INR for 100 ml.

What company claims?
Trichup Oil, enriched with the natural goodness  of Bhringaraj,Amalaki,Neem,Gunja and other exotic herbs is formulated in Coconut and Til oil after years of research.
It efficiently penetrates right into hair roots and provides essential nutrients to hair follicles that encourage natural hair growth. It forms a thin protective layer over the hair shaft thus preventing it from getting damaged from dust, UV rays, B rays, chemicals and pollutants. It also helps in clearing dandruff thus in reducing falling of hair. Researchers have found that Trichup oil helps delay graying by increasing hair melanin content. It also works wonderfully by increasing the strength of hair follicles thus its regular use ensures long, thick and healthy black hair. This patented formula has been recommended by doctors for over two decades.

Ingredients :

Considering sesame oil is best for hair and coconut oil is second best , I felt happy with composition it.
As an added bonus there is Neem, Bhringaraj, Amalaki and other beneficial herbs.

Direction to use :
Massage scalp gently using your finger tips in rotating motion at least twice a week for better results.

As you can see oil is green in color. It have color and fragrance added to it. You can see it in ingredient list.

My experience with the product:

First when I opened the bottle, what I felt is irritation, strong fragrance and added color.  But to my surprise within 2-3 weeks there was an enormous reduction in hair shedding.
 I apply trichup oil twice in week, have steam, keep it for 1-1.5 hour then does normal shampoo conditioner  routine.
Now I am in second bottle and till this day it is working fine for my hair. But I do take proper care of hair nowadays as I learned lesson.
After shampooing, it did provide a little shine and slightly conditioned effect on hair. Nothing miraculous, but little.
Overall it had been good for me. So I recommended it to my sister, who also have severe hairfall.
For she also it worked good,but after 2-3 weeks she noticed whenever applying this oil, she getting headache.
So she stopped it. So it might be too strong for some people I think.
I have some premature grey hair, in which this oil didn’t brought any difference. But I doubt any oil can bring difference to already grey strands.

Pros :
a) It does reduce hair fall.
b) Prevents dandruff.
c) Imparts little shine and conditioned look to hair.
d) Company claims it will give protection from dust , UV rays, pollutants etc.
e) Contains sesame oil, coconut oil and other various beneficial herbs for hair.
f) Not expensive.
g) Readily available in all medical shops as well as online also.
a) Strong fragrance and artificial color.
b) Might be strong for some people and can cause severe headache.

Overall, I am happy with is oil

NB: Other than this complete hair  care oil, Trichup does have 2 variants  such as Trichup Anti Hair Fall oil and Trichup  Anti Dandruff Oil.
             Several other hair care products are also available such as capsules, shampoo, conditioner , serum etc. which I haven’t used.
Here you can find the products as well as buy online

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  1. Hai Siri,
    Where I can get this product in Dubai, pls let me kno

    Thx n rgd

  2. i completley second you. I apply daily and shampoo wid treasame . Results are superb in just 15 days

  3. works good,reducing hair fall & controls dandruff.


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