Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tvam Anti Freckle Face Pack Review

I have 2-3 freckles in my face and when i saw anti freckle pack in F&Y i couldn't resist .After discount the price was 399 INR for 150 g. 

Even reading the claim on  Tvam site tempted me to buy it :

Our products are of the highest quality and we use only the purest plant extracts with maximum content of natural ingredients. We are motivated by our belief in plants as effective ingredients in the improvement and maintenance of healthier, younger looking skin.

Our mission is to promote a Natural lifestyle and provide high quality, natural health products to our customers with best possible prices.After a number of years of research and testing, we have identified a complete range of beauty care products that will suit every skin type.

Now see what the company telling about the particular product :

 Anti-Freckle face pack is a combination of unique ingredients that lightens freckles and removes deeply embedded impurities. It penetrates deep into the skin layer to activate metabolism of melanocytes, treats and dissolves pigments and lightens skin texture.

Ingredients :

How to use :

As you see packaging is a simple plastic bottle. But somehow i liked it.
And  see the ingredients list,its very impressive na?
So this the pack .

It have a  mild pleasant smell.

My experience :

I use to mix it with rosewater and use.

I had been so excited to use it reading the website and the impressive ingredients list .

I applied it on night and washed face after 10 minutes. There was a stinging sensation.

On washing i found it made my face super soft and removed my black heads to an extent. I was pretty impressed eventhough can't tell much about lightening claim in one day.
But next day morning when i washed my face,i was horrified to see my face completely broke out. (Rarely any product manage to break me out).

2-3 angry pimples appeared in cheeks and upper lips and both cheeks and forehead was covered in tiny allergic pimples.

Then i thought might be it is because first time application.

After 2 days i again applied the face pack . It did reduce my pores and prevented black heads. This time no new pimple appeared. So after 3-4 days i again applied  and this time again pimple started appearing.

I can't tell whether i hate this completely coz no other product have helped me so far this better  in reducing pore size and disappearing my black heads.But i don't want these allergic  pimples in my face also :(

I really do wish i can use this.

What i like in this face pack?

a) Impressive ingredient list.
b) All natural ingredients
c) Mild pleasant smell.
d) Reduces pore size considerably and prevent blackheads to an extent.

What i don't like?

a) Causing allergic pimples, might be it is personal
b) Stinging sensation.

I don't dare to suggest this face pack to any one eventhough i might be allergic to any of the ingredient and might be personal.

So any of you guys  have used it? what is your opinion?


  1. Have'nt tried any product yet, read somewhere that they have very less shelf life ??

  2. Shelf life is 3 years..i think a face pack normally will have that only na?

  3. nice review :)
    Im ur newest follower!

  4. Oh! I have no freckle problem but a dud at this price stings more than the face pack itself!

  5. Haha..yep..still i can't make my mind to throw it away

  6. Afraid of trying this sis :( Nice Review!! :)

  7. Nice blog.I'm following u sis...

  8. Thanks shy..You also have a wonderful site:)

  9. hey! thats so bad :( thnx for reviewing..hv seen this brand at UT and was thinking of getting will stay away

  10. I have foot massage cream also from Tvam,but it is good,eventhough expensive for quantity

  11. Nice review Siri. Never used any product from Tvam, will check out it's site.

  12. Sweetheart love you sooo much for this review! I have 3-4 freckles too, 3days back I had seen this pack in their website and was going to place order, but then thought after few days will do! Your review really helped me.

  13. Glad can be of help to you dear..but might be i'm allergic to some ingredient,though i can't assure anything :(

  14. seemed like a good product. When I read the title I was ecstatic as my friend suffers from freckles! But now, I dont think so. Who wants a break out on their face? Too bad it happened to you. Great review :)


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