Monday, February 6, 2012

Chocolate Biscuit pudding - Recipe

As some of you have already noticed  i lost all your precious comments from my blog except the last post. It happened when i reinstalled Intense Debate comment system. (Though before itself i was warned about it,I had been a fool to do so). So please don't repeat this mistake in your blog's guys.

Well coming to topic,this is another 5 minutes recipe . I found this recipe on Nestle Milkmaid site. I made very slight change in that recipe and here it is. 


Milk maid
Milk - 1/2 cup
Sugar- 2 tbsp
Marie Biscuits - 1 packet (You can use some other plain biscuits also)
Instant coffee powder
Coco Powder - 3 tbsp

(I haven't given quantities,because each one's sweet tooth differs)

We can make this in 3 steps :
a) First can make coffee as usual.
Boil water.Add sugar and instant coffee powder.Then milk.

b)Making Chocolate butter paste.
Mix Milkmaid,coffee powder,butter and Cocoa powder together.(Coffee powder should be 1/3rd of cocoa powder)

c) Now while the coffee is warm itself,dip one biscuit and arrange it in a tray or in a individual cup.
Spread Milkmaid over it.Now  dip another biscuit in coffee and lay over the first.Spread chocolate butter paste over it. Now apply Milkmaid on next coffee dipped biscuit.Next biscuit should be coated with chocolate butter paste.Continue the process.

Now chill it in fridge,cut and serve.You can decorate them with whipped cream or nuts.

Believe me,this taste and smells wonderful due to the presence of Coffee powder,Milkmaid and Butter.

It is so simple na?..Try and tell me how it had been :)

Take care