Tuesday, January 24, 2012

L'occitane Solid Perfume -The Vert-Green Tea-Review

Most of the perfumes stay on me for a couples of hours only.At present i am using Victoria's Secret Crush which i love and unfortunately it also stay only 3-4 hours .So no need to tell, reapplying is must for me. It is very difficult to reapply perfume while travelling or when in company of  others.Another difficulty is carrying big perfume bottles when you are in vacation,where there is a chance of perfume bottle getting broken and making yours as well as your companions dress soaked in feminine frangance :p (In my case,my husband's ;)). These all made me crave for a solid perfume.

There is a Winter sale going in L'occitane which i alerted before. I used the chance and got two solid perfumes from L'occitane -The Vert-Green Tea and Fleur Cherie Heart Shape Solid Perfume .

They have different variants such as Delice Des Fleurs,Fleur Cherie,Cherrie Blossom,Rose4 Reines,Green tree with Jasmine etc
You can check here

Now coming to the The Vert-Green Tea, we can see what Loccitane telling?
Applied directly on the skin, this solid perfume develops and diffuses its voluptuous scent all day long.

Price:600 INR for 10ml
    In sales i got 10ml for 420 INR.

Now my experience:
Loved the portable small round tin packaging.Very useful to carry around as it won't take much space in purse.

As you can see perfume is waxy in texture but light weight and can get easily absorbed to skin

Easy to use even in public places,just open the tin and dab on. Also I like the fact as soon as you apply it to skin ,it diffuses in to skin leaving no cast or sticky feeling. 

It is a sweet yet not too sweet fresh kinda smell,some where near to Elizabethbth Arden's Green Tea,but not exactly.And one thing it doe snot smell like the green tea we  use to drink at all.Ok, enough rambling  :p. It is a kind of mild pleasant smell good for day time.

Staying power is 2-3 hours. But as reapplication is easy it is not a big problem for me.

So what i liked? :
a) It does not contain alchohol at all.
b) Easy to carry around and apply.
c) Mild pleasant smell.
d) Ideal for working woman.
e) Doesnot leave back any cast or sticky feeling.
f) Pocket friendly.

What i don't like?
a) Staying power only 2-3 hour.

So what you guys think about the concept solid perfume? :)

Ps: This review is for you Shruthi ;)