Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back with a small haul :)

As some of you already know i had been in a vacation,not exactly vacation,went to my in laws house. Then the usual  after- marriage routine of visiting x uncle,y aunty, w cousin, z i got married long back(well not so long back :p) due to leave problems and work place being away, this routine visits had been postponed till now.

 I have mixed feelings about this vacation. Mentally i am recharged and it is always good to be pampered. When we go first time after marriage to relatives definitely we are pampered :P.But physically exhausted, my hair  volume became half of that before the trip,(not joking :(  ) ,i am badly tanned, pimples started visiting me etc etc. And definitely i missed reading and writing blogs.

Also on the positive side Lancy  of Make up and Beauty tips made my day by referring me in her blog. I was so touched by that gesture. Thank you ton Lans. Then just before that trip i had been in small tension related to Blogger error. Thanks to Vertika of vivaciousblog17 and Anuradha of Golden sequins. They stood with me at that time. Thanks Vert and Anu :)

And in name of home sickness and sale i made some purchases

Lush Liptint in Chilli Tingle
Lush Angel's Delight soap
Lush Australian Igloo sugar scrub
Loccitane Solid Prefume in Vert
Loccitane Solid Perfume in Fleur Cherie
Inglot Freedom system  Brow Wax and Brow Powder
The magic potion Inglot Duraline
Faces eyelash curler (Finally i over came my fear  :p)
Sunsilk Keratinology range Advanced reconstruction program Shampoo,Conditioner and heat protector spray .

Not bad , huh? ;)

I will upload some photos from my vacation soon :) 

Take care :)