Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vaadi Herbals Lipbalm Review and Swatch

Think you buying an expensive high end  brand with great excitement and finally it turns out dud.It hurts lot na?.Think the reverse.You buying a cheap product ,even you don't know why and find it does works.How it feels? :D

Vaadi Herbals Strawberry lipbalm is such a product. Its price is 25/-INR for 10gm and in Urban it is 23/-INR for 10gm..

I saw a review of Vaadi Herbals lipbalm in where it has positive review.But generally heard Vaadi herbal products are not of that much quality.  Next day i had been ordering some products from Urban Touch i saw this and in a sudden whim i ordered it. 23 bucks can't hurt much ,right? :p

Company description about this balm : Moisturises dry and chapped lips it forms a protective layer on lips which prevent damage from dry weather. Enriched with strawberry extract.

Key Ingredients: Strawberry extracts, Vitamin-E, Honey Almond Oil.

Shelf Life : 3 years from Mnaufacturing date.

My Experience
Type of lips i have : Very dry,tends to chap if don't take care properly.Mildly pigmented.

First look i didn't like it.It looked cheap,well it is cheap only. :p

I don't like tub packaging in lip balm.Now don't ask me why i bought this then :P. yes i do know this comes in tub form before itself. But as i told it is in a sudden whim i bought this.


Texture : Slightly heavier compared to Nivea lip balms. But will soon melt in lips.
Pigmentation: They are not claiming this is a tinted lipbalm.But it is slightly tinted.

That black spots are what i tried to label 1 and 2 :D
Left one is Vaadi Herbals Strawberry lipbalm and right one is Niveal Strawberry lipbalm.So you get the idea.

Moisturisation  Power: This is one of the best lipbalm when considering moisturising power. Even Nivea ones have failed me in moisturising context. Only lipbalms which have worked for me is Neutrogena and Lip ice.And now Vaadi also. 

SPF : It have no spf in it. So i am using it as my night lipbalm as well as while staying indoors.

Smell and taste : It have a yummy strawberry smell and no taste :P.So not to be afraid of 'accidental' licking. (Talking about me ; -) )

Another positive factor i find in this lipbalm is reducing does reduce pigmentation.So if you put in night and sleep,morning you can wake up with soft pink lips.

Eventhough shelf life is 3 years and quantity enough for minimum one year, with this tub packaging i don't think i will use it more than 2-3 months. Then also for this price it is worthy i think.
Another thing i didn't like is they haven't given complete ingredient list.I  prefer knowing what all i am applying to my lips.

Summarising positives :
a) Imparts very good moisturisation
b) Reduce pigmentation.
c) Dirt cheap
d) Good quantity.
e) Easily available onlinein in sites like Urban Touch,365 Georgeous etc

Summarising negatives :
a) Only Key ingredients are given.
b) No SPF
c) Tub packaging.

Other variants also available in Pineapple,Orange and Mixed fruit flavour.

This is my HG night lipbalm for now and till i find another one it will remain.But next will try other flavours.