Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My First Bog Award..YaY!!

Today had been a very tiring long day and i thought of going to sleep early.But when i saw Vertika of Vivaciousblog , a very  popular and  talented blogger  given me "Versatile Blogger Award" all my tiredness vanished and felt recharged. Editing : This i typed yesterday i couldn't complete it coz tiredness was due to a bad flu i came to know :((. Even now i'm in bed but i felt i have to write this to express my gratitude.

Thanks Vertika, getting this award  from you means a lot for a starter like me.Guys do check her blog and you will understand why i telling so. I'm sure you are going to love her blog.

So coming to rules ,
  • The first thing you should do is to thank the person who nominated you for this award by giving them a shout out on your blog post, linking to their blog.
  • The second one, Share Seven Random thoughts about yourself
  • The last and sweetest thing, send this award to 15 bloggers whom you admired and let them know that they have won "The Versatile Blogger" award 

Well seven random thoughts about me:

1) I am an Engineer who feels like trapped in wrong field :(
2) I am a true  Gemini with dual nature. Wait..don't misunderstand me i'm not that bad :p
3) I am a total foodie who likes to cook and eat different foods, but still underweight :X
4) I yearn for a dog as a pet,but due to apartment rules not able to get till now. 
5) Give me any book in any language i know,you won't have any trouble from me till i finish it. :p
6)  Compared to icecream i prefer flavored yogurts more,yaa.i know .i am weird that way :p
7) Without kohl in eyes i never go outside.Even if only kohl there i feel confident.

Enough i think :P

Coming to third rule. I know most of you have already got this award.Maybe 4-5 times.But to show my appreciation , gratitude and admiration i'm giving this award.

1) Lancy of Makeup and Beauty tips .You are not going to believe a 16 year girl is maintaining this blog.It is full of  home made beauty tips,herbal remedies etc. Do check it out.And you can't find another fellow blogger who encourages you that much.
2)Emm of Circular Insanity. I adore her writing style. Reading many of her rants i use to laugh my head off.Do visit her site.You also will start loving it.
3) Anamika of Wise She.From there i started my passion for blogging.I'm sure she is model for many in blogging world.
4) Divya of Miss Enchanted: A site full of make up reviews,book reviews, nail art.What more you want?
5) Ani of Make u up: Yes, as name suggests a blog full of make up reviews.
6) Krupa of All about Ladies : I'm a new reader of her blog,but nevertheless i like it.
7)Rids of Sugar Spice and alldats Nice : It is beautiful blog beautiful as its name with loads of makeup reviews.
8)Niveda of Beauty at times is Skin Deep for maintaining a great blog.
9)Bhumika of New Love Makeup : One can clearly know reading her blog,as the name suggests she really loves writing about makeup and is passionate about it.
10) Swati of Perfect Skin Care :In addition to review of skin products she writes about may DIY tips for maintaining good hair and skin and i have already bookmarked some of them.
11)Shy of  Pretty Princess : Anew budding blogger.
12)Suhani of Lliantra for her fabulous nail arts.
13) Lipsy of Check your Fashion Quotient for her fashion sense
14) Renisha of She rocking them Stilettos  also for her fabulous dressing sense
15) Last but not least divine blush of  http://divineblush.blogspot.com

So bye this time.I am again going to sleep.Hopes tomorrow i'll be recovered and can catch you guys with a new post .